AlexisHR Provisioning API (v1)

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AlexisHR Provisioning API contain endpoints to manage Users. You can subscribe to updates to our API's here

SCIM 2.0

The AlexisHR Provisioning API follows the SCIM 2.0 standard

SCIM is a standard for provisioning and deprovisioning users and to update user information in multiple systems. SCIM has been widely adopted and AlexisHR being compatible with SCIM means we are compatible with a long list of services.

  • Definitions, Overview, Concepts, and Requirements: RFC 7642
  • Core Schema: RFC 7643
  • Protocol: RFC 7644
  • Authentication

    curl \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>"

    Authenticate your account when using the API by including your secret Access Token in the request. Manage your Access Tokens.

    Authentication is performed by passing the Access Token in the Authorization header.



    Added support for GET Users endpoints


    Added support for POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE Users endpoints



    Security Scheme Type HTTP
    HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer
    Bearer format "JWT"
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